Annual festive event of BeeSmart Language School

On February, 7th    BeeSmart Language School had the privilege of hosting the annual festive event of students coming together and celebrating their progress in their language acquisition.

The director of studies held a motivational speech in which she meant to encourage students and urge them to set higher goals, never quit or give up their efforts to learn a foreign language. She presented the students with three great personalities and three admirable qualities they had.

Charles Dickens was a prominent British author who was highly appraised for his hard work and deep work ethic. Walt Disney, the famous animator and entrepreneur, was the embodiment of perseverance. During his lifetime he was faced with various setbacks and hardships but he made a firm decision not to give up and as a result of that tenacious attitude he founded one of the most successful and thriving animation production companies, the Walt Disney Company.

Last but not least, Oprah Winfrey, the internationally recognized talk show hostess who is also rated as one of the richest African American women of the 20th century, rised through the ranks in no time owing to her extraordinary ability to listen to others attentively. She developed this good habit early in life and it surely stood her in good stead. She learnt a great deal about how people think and feel by paying close attention to her guests in her show.

By introducing the students with these personalities, the message that Miss Eliona was trying to get through to her students was that as students they will not make progress or achieve their goals unless they are prepared to work hard. Nothing can be achieved without hard work.

In addition to that, when they feel that no progress is taking place and they have the tendency to give up, they by no means should bow down to circumstances but rather keep pressing forward with the faith that their efforts will be rewarded.

On top of that, students should train themselves to be quick to listen and slow to speak. It is said that the ability to comprehend is the ability to concentrate and we should all develop the good habit of listening to others like our teachers when they explain the lesson. We will learn faster for one thing and gain more wisdom.

All in all, teacher Eliona congratulated the students on working hard and thanked them for being there and hanging on while the message was being delivered in English. After the speech was finished, the students and guests took pictures together and a relaxed time ensued with refreshments and stimulating conversations.


Book of the month

[wptab name=’English‘]

Joyce Meyer is a best-selling author and internationally recognized teacher of the Bible. Her teachings are entirely based on her life experience and her profound knowledge of the Bible, the Word of God. She principally gives advice about the practical areas and facets of our life and I personally am very encouraged from her useful advice and the way she teaches.

One of her latest books which I have picked as book of the month is entitled “Making good habits, breaking bad habits”. She shifts our attention to our habits and especially our bad ones. From the outset, she emphasizes that our habits – which are repetitive forms of attitudes which through constant repetition have become ingrained behaviours- have the power to define our life. They affect us greatly in every area of our life and if we want to lead a healthier lifestyle and make progress, we are to deal with our bad habits firmly because they are invariably downgrading the quality of our life.

In addition, she goes on to say that whatever bad habits we may have formed in the past, there is hope for us and with a resolute attitude and unswerving determination but most importantly, the help of God, we can achieve success and gain victory. They are, in fact, feasible. Whatever you may be struggling with, whether it’s an addiction, a bad temper or eating habit, she assures us that we can defeat that bad habit that is making our life miserable and is stealing our joy, happiness and productivity. We just need to confront our bad habits and get to the point where we’ll understand that they’re harmful and destructive and that we can no longer put up with them.

Furthermore, Joyce points to the fact that merely acknowledging our bad habits doesn’t bring us any benefit but we have to deal with them boldly and aggressively. She also contends that, according to experts, if we want to form a good habit or break a bad one, we must constantly do it or refrain from it for 20-30 days respectively. We shouldn’t forget that during this time we are bound to go through a period of inconvenience because we are training ourselves in a new way and redirecting our thoughts.

So, whether you want to set limits on the amount of time you are glued to the TV, or you want to cut down on fast food, or you want to take up a sport but haven’t quite mustered up the courage to start doing it and you keep procrastinating, you should definitely read this book because it will help you. Joyce summarizes by giving her readers some practical advice. According to her teaching…

  • Your efforts will prove more fruitful if you deal with a habit one at a time. We are more efficient if we focus our time, energies and efforts on one area. When we achieve success, then we can start dealing with another habit.
  • If your initial efforts meet with failure, don’t worry and don’t get discouraged. You can start again afresh but just don’t give up. Make a decision to keep going no matter how hard it may be at the beginning.

Overall, I consider Joyce’s book thoroughly recommendable. I’ve read it myself and it has challenged me in many areas of my life where I need to take instant action to improve them. I am of the opinion that if we are to make progress and become better friends, spouses, parents, professionals and finally better citizens of our community, we must deal with some “stinking habits” which are robbing us of our victory and prosperity in life.  Everyone should get this book because beyond the shadow of a doubt, everyone has some bad habits which he or she must do something about. And if someone has lots of good habits-admittedly a rarity- I would say that there is always room for improvement.


[wptab name=’Shqip‘]

Xhois Majer (Joyce Meyer) eshte nje autore shume e mirenjohur Amerikane me fame boterore dhe mesuese e Bibles. Mesimet dhe leksionet e saj jane bazuar ne eksperiencen e saj shumevjecare dhe njohurine e saj te thelle te Bibles, Fjales se Perendise. Ajo, kryesisht, jep keshilla mbi fushat praktike te jetes dhe personalisht jam shume e inkurajuar nga keshillat e saj te urta dhe menyra se si ajo meson te tjeret.

Nje nga librat e saj te fundit te cilin e kam zgjedhur si librin e muajit titullohet  “Te formojme zakone te mira, te thyejme zakonet e keqija.” Ajo zhvendos vemendjen e lexuesve tek zakonet qe ne kemi si persona dhe vecanerisht te keqijat. Qe ne fillim te librit ajo thekson ne menyre te vecante qe zakonet tona, te cilat jane menyra sjellje te perseritura dhe te rrenjosura brenda nesh, kane fuqine te percaktojne jeten tone. Ato ne fakt ushtrojne nje influence te madhe ne jeten tone dhe nese ne deshirojme te kemi nje jete me te shendetshme ne te gjitha aspektet dhe te perparojme, atehere duhet te perballemi me zakonet tona te keqija sepse ne menyre konstante ato mund te zhvlersojne cilesine e jeten tone.

Per me shume, Xhois pohon qe cfaredo lloj zakoni te keq ne mund te kemi formuar ne te shkuaren, ne radhe te pare me ndihmen e Perendise dhe me nje qendrim te vendosur dhe te palekundur nga ana jone, ka shprese per ne. Ne mund tja dalim dhe te korrim fitore. Me cfare do lloj gjeje mund te jesh duke luftuar ne kete moment, pavaresisht nese eshte nje vartesi apo nje temperament  gjaknxehte ose nje zakon te se ngreni shume, ajo na siguron ne librin e saj qe ne mund ta mundim ate zakon i cili mund te jete duke na e bere jeten te mjere dhe po na vjedh gezimin dhe produktivitetin tone. Ne duhet thjesht te perballemi me zakonet tona dhe te arrijme nje pike ku do kuptojme qe jane te demshme dhe shkaterimtare dhe qe s’mund ti  tolerojme me.

Ne vazhdim, Xhois shpjegon se vetem te pranuarit qe ne kemi zakone te keqija nuk na sjell ndonje te mire por perkundrazi ne duhet te ndeshemi me zakonet tona te keqija ne menyre agresive dhe vendimtare. Ajo permend qe sipas ekspertave, nese ne duam te thyejme nje zakon te keq ose te krijojme nje te ri, duhet ne menyre te panderprere ta shmangim se beri ate ose te kembengulim duke bere dicka te mire per 20-30 dite reshtazi. Nuk duhet te harrojme natyrisht qe gjate kesaj kohe, eshte e sigurte qe do kalojme nepermjet nje periudhe jo te rehatshme per arsyen sepse po e trajnojme vetveten ne nje menyre te re.

Pra, nese ke deshire te vendosesh kufij kohes qe shpenzon duke qene i ngulitur para televizorit, ose deshiron te shmangesh se ngreni ushqime te gatshme jashte, ose do te nisesh nje aktivitet sportiv, ose do te ndalosh se zvarrituri gjerat dhe ti pervishesh punes qe ti e di qe ke per te bere, atehere une mendoj qe duhet ta lexosh kete liber sepse pa dyshim do te te ndihmoj.

Se fundmi, Xhois permbledh duke i dhene lexuesve te saj disa keshilla praktike. Sipas mesimit te saj…

  • Perpjekjet e tua do te japin me shume frut nese ti fokusohesh ne nje fushe ku ke problem. Ne jemi me efektiv si njerez nese perqendrojme kohen, perpjekjet dhe energjite tona ne nje pike ose fushe te vetme ne nje kohe te caktuar.
  • Nese tentativat e para deshtojne dhe ti bie prape ne te njejtin zakon te vjeter, mos u shqeteso dhe mos u dekurajo. Mund tja fillosh nga e para por mos u dorezo mbi te gjitha. Vendos te ecesh perpara pavaresisht se sa e veshtire mund te jete ne fillim.

Personalisht e rekomandoj librin e Xhois Majer pa asnje hezitim. E kam lexuar dhe mund te them qe me ka sfiduar ne shume fusha te jetes sime ku e di qe kam nevoje per ndryshim radikal. Mendoj dhe besoj me gjithe zemer qe nese deshirojme te behemi miq, bashkeshorte, familjare, profesioniste dhe qytetare me te mire per komunitetin tone, atehere duhet urgjentisht te merremi me disa zakone  ”te poshtra” te cilat po na e vjedhin fitoren dhe mbaresine ne jete.  Secilit i duhet ky liber sepse padyshim te gjithe kemi zakone te cilat jane te keqija dhe duhet te bejme dicka per to. Edhe sikur dikush te kete vetem zakone te mira, gje qe eshte ralle, prape ka vend per permiresim.



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