A review on “Anne of Green Gables”

anneofgreengables“Anne of Green Gables” is the beloved classical novel by the Canadian authoress Lucy. M. Montgomery. It is the story of a little orphan girl who was adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. Anne’s life changed radically when she came to live at Green Gables with the benevolent elderly brother and sister. There, she found the home she had never had. Anne was surrounded by love and affection by the people in the Province of Prince Edward Island. For the first time in her life as a teenager, she was appreciated and treated with tenderness and dignity, which she was severely deprived of throughout her troubled childhood. In Matthew and Marilla, she found two loving and kind parents who raised her as their own child and gave hope, shape and meaning to her life and girlish dreams.

Anne was endowed with the divine gift of winning the hearts of the people whom she met. She was such a unique young girl. She was good-natured and generous. She had an insatiable desire to learn, to get the best out of life and be useful and obliging to the people whom she trusted. She embraced her new life with genuine passion and lived it cheerfully.

The stories about Anne are uncommonly hilarious. She is possessed with a wild and vivid imagination so that she never grows bored of things. Anne has the extraordinary ability to make you burst into laughter with the things she says and does. She possesses an adventurous spirit and each new scrape she gets herself into, carries you away in the wonderful and blissful world of Anne, where there is “much scope for imagination”.

In conclusion, “Anne of Green Gables” is a true masterpiece. The plot, characters, the splendid and charming landscapes of Canada and the timeless message of the novel are presented as a valuable work of art in which everyone may partake and revel in.

Last but not least, we wish to inform all the bookworms out there that there are eight books in total. Anne’s story starts when she is but a teenager and the reader meanders throughout the beautiful stages of womanhood and adulthood in Anne’s fascinating life. It’s worth reading all eight. Enjoy.

Make your language learning experience count

The first thing you will notice at BeeSmart language school, is the delightfully friendly and jolly atmosphere that permeates through the classroom. You will be astonished at how fast you’ll feel comfortably “at home”.

Students from different backgrounds and charming personalities mingle together breathing life, authenticity and purpose to our language school.

We lay a special emphasis on building strong and genuine relationships among us.

In addition to achieving excellent academic performance, we, at BeeSmart strive to cultivate and sustain praiseworthy moral values which unfortunately, are on the decline nowadays.

So we good-naturedly pride ourselves on espousing friendship, hard work, assiduity, teamwork spirit, respect toward our co-citizens and environment, reverence of God of the Bible and an exemplary community conscience.

All in all, from the outset, our burning desire and overriding ambition which have kept us going is to be a humble but rich blessing to our endearing Albanian community.

It’s a privilege and special honour to have made your acquaintance and on behalf of BeeSmart language school, we thank you heartily.


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  • Cfare eshte testi TOEFL? A me pershtatet mua?


    Section Kohezgjatja Pyetjet Ushtrimet
    Reading 60-80 min 36-56 pyetje Lexim i 3-4 teksteve akedemike
    Listening 60-90 min 34-51 pyetje Degjim i leksioneve ose bisedave
    Break/Pushim 10 min
    Speaking 10 min Bashkebisedim me nje instpektor
    Writing 50 min 2 ushtrime Zhvillimi me shkrim i dy eseve



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  • Let’s get down to business!


    Te dashur miq, prinder, studente dhe veterane BeeSmarters,

    Ju njoftojme se kurset anglisht dhe greqisht, fillojne me 15 shtator.

    Ofrojme kurse:

    Cdo gje qe ju kerkoni mund ta gjeni tek ne. Bashkuhuni me ne dhe ju premtojme qe do leme kujtime te embla dhe impakt pozitiv ne “perleshjen” tuaj me gjuhen e huaj.


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  • Cfare eshte testi IELTS? A eshte i duhuri per mua?

    IELTS-TOPATTesti i IELTS (International English language Testing System)

    eshte nje provim ose test formal i gjuhes angleze i mirenjohur ne nivel nderkombetar. Mbi 9000 organizata ne 140 shtete duke perfshire Shqiperine njohin dhe perdorin IELTS si kriter seleksionimi.


    Tre komponentet e pare jepen ne te njejten dite pa ndalese ose pushim ndersa Speaking mund te jepet brenda dites ose brenda shtate diteve.


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  • GetSmart ja kalon stafeten BeeSmart

    canstockphoto2038055Mbas tre vite te frytshme pune ne fushen e mesimdhenjes Anglisht-Greqisht, GetSmart ia kalon stafeten BeeSmart.

    Si lindi ideja e ndryshimit te emrit?

    Bletet jane insekti im i preferuar. Jane midis krijesave me magjepsese dhe joshese qe mua me cudisin. Etika e lakmueshme dhe e larte e punes qe ato i karakterizon, me ka frymezuar dhe nxitur gjithmone si individ. Vizioni im ne krijimin e kesaj qendre kursesh reflektohet persosmerisht tek sjellja e bleteve punetore. Deshiroj me gjithe zemer te me perpij i njejti zell pune dhe diligjence qe ato posedojne. Dua tju a transmetoj dhe percjell studenteve dhe bashkepunetoreve te mij te njejtin zell dhe deshire per pune cilesore dhe serioze. Sepse ne fakt, me pune dhe mund ne mund te arrijme gjithecka dhe jeta me qellime dhe synime eshte nje jete domethenese.

    Per me teper, bletet jane te fokusura dhe plotesisht te perqendruara ne punen dhe detyren qe u eshte besuar. Po keshtu, dhe une besoj se studentet tane mund te mesojne anglish-greqisht dhe shume shume gjera me teper nese i pervishen punes dhe kane vendosmeri dhe kembengulje. Jane te perqendruar te qellimi dhe nuk e lene ne mes punen.

    Pervec cilesive te sipermendura, bletet punojne ne grup dhe jane me gjithe kuptimin e fjales “teamplayers”. Ne ne BeeSmart gjithashtu, synojme vazhdimisht te kultivojme nje fryme bashkepunimi ne grup, klase, skuader dhe te promovojme rendesine e bashkepunimit dhe ndertimit te mardhenjeve te shendosha dhe miqesore qe e bejne gjithe pervojen e mesimit me te kendshem, te embel dhe te paharrueshem.

    BeeSmart eshte e perkushtuar si bletet te pergatis studente qofte ne Anglisht apo Greqisht qe jane dashurues te punes, te dedikuar dhe bashkepunetore me njeri tjetrin. Besojme se nuk ka emer me te mire qe te na perfaqesoj ne si qender kursesh ( kurse anglisht dhe greqisht) ketej e tutje ne ecurine tone.

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