Pizza For Everyone

Free DownloadNot in print. Amy wants to be a soccer star more than anything. She’s sure all the kids would like here more if she won the big game. But is being a star as important as doing her best? It’s hard for Amy to understand that real love isn’t based on her performance – just as it’s hard for most children. Use this story as an opportunity to remind your child that oding his best is all you-and God-expect. At the end of the story, you’ll find questions to help you get the conversation started.

New Friends, Good Friends?

Free DownloadNot in print. Sean would do almost anything to be liked by the other kids in class-especially by Mike and Blake. But he quickly learns that sometimes doing what makes the other kids like him can get him in serious trouble. Sean’s story will give you an opportunity to talk with your children about the ways God would have them be friends with their schoolmates-a stepping-stone to dealing with peer pressure as they reach their teens. You’ll find questions at the end of the story to help get the conversation started.

Katie’s Adventure at Blueberry Pond

Free DownloadNot in print. Katie loves to play at Blueberry Pond. But why won’t her parents let her go to the pond without a grown-up? As Katie learns that her parents have a good reason for the rules they make, she also realizes that (as well as God) make rules because they love her. Katie’s story is an invitation to share the reasons for your family rules with your child. At the end of the story, you’ll find questions to help get the conversation started.