The first thing you will notice at BeeSmart language school, is the delightfully friendly and jolly atmosphere that permeates through the classroom. You will be astonished at how fast you’ll feel comfortably “at home”.

Students from different backgrounds and charming personalities mingle together breathing life, authenticity and purpose to our language school.

We lay a special emphasis on building strong and genuine relationships among us.

In addition to achieving excellent academic performance, we, at BeeSmart strive to cultivate and sustain praiseworthy moral values which unfortunately, are on the decline nowadays.

So we good-naturedly pride ourselves on espousing friendship, hard work, assiduity, teamwork spirit, respect toward our co-citizens and environment, reverence of God of the Bible and an exemplary community conscience.

All in all, from the outset, our burning desire and overriding ambition which have kept us going is to be a humble but rich blessing to our endearing Albanian community.

It’s a privilege and special honour to have made your acquaintance and on behalf of BeeSmart language school, we thank you heartily.